Hello all! Let’s get the ball rolling; welcome to class 3B, you can also call us the Inquisitive Quails. When you enter our sports themed classroom you will surely feel welcome, positive and immediately a part of the team. We have a class plant named Leafy, feel free to come visit. We the IQs believe that a positive attitude and effort leads to success. We are always hard at work tackling new challenges and goals, practicing skills to master third grade standards. Here’s the play-by-play of what’s happening in our classroom-- in ELA we are working on several skills that help us with close reading, we practice identifying cause and effect, plot and main idea. In writing we have polished our skills in narrative writing and have recently started working on opinion pieces. In Math we have been practicing rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred, we are interpreting data and creating graphs and charts, we are using different strategies to solve word problems and now that we are in full swing we are learning our multiplication facts. In Social Studies we have been exploring geography and learning about natural resources in the 7 continents as well as discovering different ways that we interact with our Earth. In science we have been working on understanding force and the factors that affect motion. You can see all of our activities and accomplishments on Class Dojo. We have stepped up to the plate and we are ready for any challenges.

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