Welcome to the Cultivating Crocodiles kindergarten classroom! Where we differentiate instruction and learn while having fun. Kindergarten is the first opportunity for children to begin to understand that school is a place for learning and working. We learn about sharing, taking turns, respecting the rights of others, and taking care of ourselves. We are little people who are eager to learn through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Ms. Eason and Ms. Nannette provide initial learning experiences in language development, number concepts, creative skills, and social and physical growth. The Cultivating Crocodiles are given the building blocks for perceiving, thinking, and problem solving. We welcome you to explore hands on learning with us!!

Our kindergarten classroom is a language-rich experience for all. Students are introduced to basic reading skills through shared reading experiences, rhymes, poems, classic stories, and stories created by children. Technology is introduced as a learning tool. Skills related to visual and auditory discrimination, left to right orientation, vocabulary development, whole word recognition, and relationships between letters and sounds are taught in the context of responding to high quality children’s literature and our Houghton Mifflin integrated language arts program. Our classroom schedule is as follows:

*Our School Day*

 Morning work

Morning Meeting (greeting, share, and activity) *each student gets a turn*


*Social Studies/Science

*Reading/English Language Arts

-small group




*Specials (Music, Health/Physical Education, Technology. Art, SEL)



-small group


*Book Time (Independent book browsing)

*Story Time (Whole Group and small group)

*Movement Activities

*Free Exploration

*Afternoon Snack


Check out some of the useful websites for kindergarten students:

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