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Here are some helpful links for resources during the Distance Learning Period:

The American Museum of Natural History is sharing a bunch of online content for teachers and families to use during virus days. That includes the "OLogy" science website with lessons on subjects from anthropology to zoology; online science curriculum collections; virtual visits to the museum through its YouTube channel; and massive open, online museum courses delivered through Courser

Participating places in The Bronx that are offering free meals :

1068 Teller: 1052 Teller Ave, Bronx, NY 10456

1195 Clay Ave: 1195 Clay Avenue, BX, NY 10456

Andrew Jackson Houses: 3080 Park Ave, BX, NY 10451

Andrew Jackson Senior Center: 325 E 156th St, Bronx, NY 10451

Aquinas Housing Corporation: 975 East Tremont Ave, BX, NY 10460

Arturo Schomburg Senior Center: 1315 Franklin Ave, Bronx, NY 10456

Beatstro: 135 Alexander Ave, BX, NY 10454

Bringing The Peace: 1020 Trinity Avenue, BX, NY 10456

Bronx Draft House: 884 Gerard Ave, BX, NY 10452

Bronx River: 1350 Manor Ave, Bronx, NY 10472

BronxChester: 510 E 156th St, Bronx, NY 10455

UPchieve, a nonprofit that provides free, online math tutoring to low-income high school students, traditionally asks schools with participating students to pay a small fee to keep its service running. In response to COVID-19 school closures, that fee has been waived through the end of the school year. And any student who creates an account during this period can keep using UPchieve for free, forever, the organization said. The service works on any device; students choose the subject they need help with, and UPchieve matches them with a volunteer tutor in a virtual classroom. Students can get as many free sessions as they want. for free books reading

The citywide initiative for food different resources is

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