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Let’s Get it Poppin’ for Storefront Academy!

Let’s get it Poppin’ 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

You are all invited to get Poppin with Storefront Academy Charter Schools’ Poppin Sweets Popcorn Fundraiser!


You can participate by doing one or all of the following,

1. Follow on Instagram:

@poppinsweetsoffortmill @storefront_academy @storefrontacademyharlem

2. Share this information on your social media platform(s)

3. Purchase some delicious popcorn using the link below:😊


🎉Please be sure to use the code SACS when placing your order so that Storefront receives 25% of sales


With your help we can reach our school fundraising efforts for the year!!


Remember you can also donate directly to Storefront Academy Charter Schools at:


Thank you for your support in helping to keep our school resources and funding going strong!

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