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There when you Need Them...

Storefront has been there for my family from day one! We attended an Open House one day in passing and I am so grateful that we did. Our school (yes, our) has been there for my children and family through so many of our life's ups and downs. When my daughter wasn't adjusting to school life, they were patient and understanding. They worked with her and never gave up. Now she loves school and participates full!. When my family was displaced, they provided us with food and clothing. They even hosted Thanksgiving for us with a collected food package! When the pandemic hit, they provided them with tablets and set up a food handout, just in case. They were ready with a plan of action before ANY other schools were. They have always kept in CONSTANT communication when it comes to my children and their academics, behavior, and health...good AND bad. I have never been turned away for asking about my children and their schooling. I have yet to come in contact with a school that is so flexible, communicative, supportive, and understanding. They bend over backwards for their students and families. As a full time working mother, I have never gotten any type of recognition for the behind the scenes work I do with my children. I am unable to attend bake sales, events during the day and things of that nature. Storefront is the first school that acknowledged that I participate in my children's school plan by inviting me to a Paint and Sip along with a Thank You! I didn't realize until that moment that I had never been shown appreciation by a school!

I boast about Storefront to ANYONE who asks about our school (yes, OUR school). I am a very proud Storefront parent ️️

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