Return to School Plan

2020-2021 School Year

This Storefront Academy  Reopening Plan aims to define clear guidance for how we will open our doors, physically and virtually, that is aligned with the regulations developed by the CDC and state authorities. Our first commitment is to the staff, students and families we serve. Our priority must be keeping them safe. The areas outlined in this plan represent major considerations our schools are addressing to reopen  safely and to sustain their reopening. Each department has taken the safety of both staff and our learners into consideration.

Of course, as with every plan right now, this document is fluid and will change as necessary based on guidance from the state, CDC, and considerations to our families and our staff. We obviously don’t want to have a COVID-19 case at one of our schools in the fall but it could, and we will be ready to act if and when it happens.

Our return to school will occur with two options, all remote and blended (on site and remote). It is important that all parents and staff understand and be prepared to comply with the information shared in this document.


Dr. Nicole Garcia


Guiding Principles for Storefront Academy

Storefront Academy Charter Schools has identified five principles to guide all planning for school reopening

  1. Ensure safe learning and working environments for students and staff. 

  2. Maximize family choice in student learning format, offering two options for instruction: 

    • Full-time online instruction; or

    • In-person instruction with social distancing in SACS school buildings.

  3. Ensure all students receive instruction that meets state and federal standards and have the necessary supports for success, including:

    • Access to technology and connectivity

    • Social-emotional wellness and health supports

    • Additional support to meet the needs of special populations.

  4.  Provide training, time, support, and flexibility necessary for staff to prepare for successful reopening.

  5. Provide proactive, clear communication (with translations) to all families and staff

To view the detailed copy of Storefront Academy return to school plan for 2020-2021 school year, click here 

Remote Learning FAQs



  • Where can I order the school uniform? Is it okay if they wear the blue shirts that don’t have the logos? Or is it not considered uniform?

Uniform shirts with the school logo can be purchased on the Flynn O’Hara website.

You can also purchase polo shirts without the school logo from other stores such as Target, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Cookies, Ideal Uniforms or any other store of choice as long as you purchase the school colors (Royal or Navy blue).

  • Why do the scholars have screen breaks?

​Scholars need screen breaks to rest their eyes, use the restroom, have a snack and to stay active and aware.

  • My child’s log in is not working. What can I do?

You can reach out to Mr. Tiwary ( or Mr. Tejada ( He can assist with all issues related to devices. We also recommend that you keep all of your scholar’s logins in a safe place.

  • Will there be pandemic EBT cards given out again for food?

​This is a federal program that is not related directly to our school. If there will be another Pandemic EBT card distributed it will be announced by the federal government.

  • When we will know the testing results?

​Testing results will be available after Oct. 1st

  • How can I schedule an appointment with my scholar’s teacher?

​You can reach out to the teacher on class dojo or via email to set up an appointment.

  • Where can I find the school directory?

​You can find the directory as well as other resources on the following Padlet: 

School Contact List

  • ¿Dónde puedo comprar el uniforme? ¿Pueden los estudiantes utilizar un polo azul aunque no tenga el logo de la escuela?

Pueden comprar los uniformes con el logo de la escuela el el sitio web de Flynn O’Hara.

También puede comprar polos en otras tiendas como Target, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Cookies, Ideal Uniforms o cualquier tienda de preferencia siempre y cuando sean los colores de la escuela (Navy blue y Royal blue).

  • ¿Cómo puedo obtener una tableta o computadora para mi hijo/a?  

Envie un email a Mr. Tejada ( con la información del estudiante. El departamento está trabajando en tener dispositivos listos para los estudiantes.

  • ¿Por que los estudiantes tienen recesos (screen breaks)?

Los estudiantes necesitan recesos para descansar los ojos, usar el baño, comer un snack y estrecharse para poder mantenerse activos y listos para aprender.

  • El login de mi estudiante no funciona, ¿que puedo hacer?

Puede enviar contactar a Mr. Tejada ( El puede asistir con preguntas y problemas sobre los dispositivos. Recomendamos que tenga todos los logins del estudiante en un lugar seguro.

  • ¿Habrá otro parent de EBT por la pandemia?

Este es un programa federal. Si hay otro estímulo de EBT, eso será anunciado por el gobierno federal.

  • ¿Cuándo tendremos los resultados de los exámenes?

Los resultados estarán disponibles el 1ro de Octubre.

  • ¿Como puedo agendar una cita con el maestro/a de mi hijo/a?

Puede contactar al maestro/a por correo electrónico o por Class Dojo.

  • ¿Donde puedo encontrar el directorio con los contactos de la escuela ?

El directorio de la escuela lo puede encontrar en el sitio web de la escuela-