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Welcome to Storefront Academy!

The Storefront continues a legacy wherein families and educators work together as equal partners. For students most impacted by inequity, this equal partnership – what we call effective family engagement – often doesn’t happen well or at all. We are working to strengthen family engagement in school through our programming..

We are guided by the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, the Storefront works to ensure students most impacted by inequity are prepared to succeed in school and beyond.

Too many children are born into pre-existing social, economic, and geographic systems that leave them without access to quality educational experiences. These inequities can, without intervention, lead to millions of young people exiting school each year unprepared to thrive in the years ahead.

We are committed to creating lasting change – and we know that people closest to a challenge often hold the keys to solving it – we are always listening, learning, and evolving with help from you, our partners.

We believe every child will have a greater chance at living a fulfilling life because they will have had a high-quality education, no matter the circumstances into which they were born. Because we are nimble listeners, this allows us to work on a range of collaborative initiatives that allow us to flexibly meet the changing needs of communities as they arise.


Through arts programs, social-emotional support, and academic intervention the Storefront seeks to meet the needs in the communities we serve in the most timely, and effective ways possible. We are always excited to find new ways to serve, whether you are a student, parent or partner, you are FAMILY!

Meet us at the Storefront!

Dr. Nicole Campbell

Founding CEO


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