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Teacher and happy students


Our model ensures that Storefront schools achieve the following program goals. To:

  1. Ensure all students have a strong academic skill set. To accomplish this, we will hire and empower strong and qualified teachers, provide curricular supports built around student need and common core standards, and use assessments to inform and strengthen instructional practice.

  2. Meet the needs of all learners by providing differentiated instruction in all classrooms, utilizing small groups for targeted instruction and intervention, administering the Response-to-Intervention approach to support struggling learners, and building a tight-knit community where every child is known and no child falls through the cracks.

  3. Provide opportunities for enrichment and exploration of the world. We accomplish this by providing strong arts programming, encouraging trips into the community and beyond, and bringing volunteers to campus to work with and mentor students.

  4. Involve parents in their children’s education. We will invite parents into classrooms as active participants their children’s learning. We will build strong home/school communication practices to inform parents of their children’s challenges and achievements and help parents to become advocates for student improvement.

  5. Build strength of character and self-confidence in each student. We will accomplish this by teaching strategies for public speaking and delivering presentations, creating opportunities for community service, and building a culture of student agency by valuing student's voice.

Our Model


  • Honesty:  Tell the truth (no matter the consequences) and approach everything with integrity;

  • Respect:  Do not judge others. Be kind and considerate and do not touch others’ property;

  • Responsibility:  Be prepared (e.g., do one’s homework, report to class on time, etc.) and do not blame others for one’s actions;

  • Concern for Others: Help others in need (academically or emotionally), make everyone feel accepted and included and practice selfless behavior;

  • Diligence:  Work hard all of the time (e.g., read at home each evening, put forth one’s best effort in class consistently); and

  • Perseverance:  Push oneself to success despite difficulties and challenges.

These core values permeate all aspects of the Storefront model including its academic programs, responsive classroom practices, and discipline policies.

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