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Band Instruments



The Art program here at Storefront Academy, focuses on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. This program utilizes different mediums and techniques such as drawing, tempera paint, charcoal, collage, clay, watercolor paint and many more. Students will gradually build skills which will help build their confidence as artists and critical thinkers; students will learn to integrate their artistic experiences with other academic subjects and different cultures.


Our Art program helps students find their artistic voice. They also learn to grow an appreciation of various disciplines of the arts, while exploring  art history and artist’s different styles of art. The art experience here at Storefront makes a great contribution to the mental, emotional, and social growth of our students.


Storefront Academy is a very strong advocate of Music for our children as it is a very important part of a child’s development. Music is a whole brain activity that gives the child an artistic way of expressing themselves, it helps develop the creative side of the brain, and the technical side. This course teaches students about the history of music, the genres and the elements of music such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, timbre, form, and harmony. 

Students from kindergarten to second grades learn about notes, and their value.  They also learn about pitch and rhythm and we use a variety of percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks, drums, bells, maracas, and shakers. Students from third to fifth grade learn how to read music, sing, and play the recorders. Students learn the value of notes, beats, treble clef and they learn to read the notes from a staff. Students are taught how to use the recorder which is a woodwind instrument, as a result students learn breath control which is necessary to learn for other wind instruments.

The music course matches the school’s theme of the month to create a cohesive experience. This course uses all songs and movement activities from GoNoodle. Music benefits children’s physical wellness, academic success, and social emotional health.


This course introduces the students to a beginner level of violin where students learn hold positions, proper posture and placement of fingers when handling a violin.


Violin beginners course teaches students to use their fingers to play inorder to get a better understanding of the pause and rest periods between types of notes such as half, quarter and whole notes. Students that progress in the beginner course move onto the intermediate section where they are introduced to the usage of the bow.


The intermediate level offers students a more in depth knowledge of violin’s classical composers and musical alphabet; students learn to read musical notes in synchronization with playing the violin using the bow. This course increases students' ability to improve their mathematical skills as well as fine tuning their mental focus.


Computer Technology students learn the necessary foundation skills to move forward digitally in today's world. This course teaches students the correct hand placement and posture when typing. Students are introduced to easy to access programs, such as Google Docs for word processing, Google Sheets for spreadsheet management, Google Slides for interactive presentation and Gmail for online communication; this helps them to become familiar with basic computerized skills needed for the modern world.

Students also learn how to virtually manage and submit class assignments through Google Classroom. 


There are many interactive and step by step directions offered to assist students in becoming knowledgeable in the field of Information Technology, as well as additional lab usage to support their development in Math, ELA and Science.

In Technology, students are introduced advanced creative tools tools for photo and video editing.   


Once students have completed their class year in technology, they will move forward into learning higher computational skills. As they improve,  they will be digitally future proofed and ready to take on the challenges middle school may offer.